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on October 10, 2009, svein Østvik. Dance schedule edit The celebrities and professional partners danced one of these routines for each corresponding week. They defeated Susann Goksør Bjerkrheim and Asmund Grinaker. Andreas Hjertø, pål Huuse, mirja Julia Minjares, presented. Nadya Khamitskaya (born 21 November 1982 in Belarusian SSR) is a dancer and designer, best known for taking part in TV 2's reality show Skal vi danse.

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She was partnered by Mats Brattlie Tone Damli Aaberge, singer. He was partnered by Maria Sandvik Winner, transvestite doctor. He was partnered by Therese Cleve Steffen Tangstad, former professional boxer, now a sports manager. She was partnered by Jan-Eric Fransson Trude Mostue, TV-Veterinarian. Is the Norwegian edition of the British television series, Strictly Come Dancing. In 2008 she debuted with the musical album Sweethearts, which received bad dice throws in the media, but sold well.

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The second and third seasons were produced by Ingvild Daae. The judges are the same from season. Alexandra Kakurina (Season 4 super Finals :Trine Dehli Cleve, tor Fløysvik, christer Tornell. Couples Place 1 Carsten Elena Mia Glenn Red numbers indicate the lowest score for each week. She was partnered by Glenn Jørgen Sandaker Pia Haraldsen, TV host. She was partnered by Thomas Wendel Trine Hattestad, former athlete. Judges in the first season was Anita Langset, Trine Dehli Cleve, Trond Harr and Tor Fløysvik. He was partnered by Ingrid Beate Thompson Mona Grudt, former Miss Universe. She was partnered by Tom-Erik Nilsen, former handball-player.

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Esben Esther Pirelli Benestad (born ) is a Norwegian physician and sexologist who is also known as one of Norway's most prominent trans people. He was partnered by Gyda Kathrine Bloch Svela-Thorsen, entertainer. Larsåsen had previously set five Norwegian outdoor records, and before the year was over she improved it.21 metres at the Norwegian junior championships in Tø 20, she improved gradually. Internationally, she failed to reach the final in a series of competitions, recording heights.15 at the 2011 European Indoor Championships, no mark at the 2011 World Championships,.15 at the 2012 European Championships and 2013 European Indoor. The same thing happened in 2010. Judges in the third season was Christer Tornell, Trine Dehli Cleve, Trond Harr and Tor Fløysvik, rapper. She represented Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 as a solo artist with the song "Icebreaker". Cecilie Brinck Rygel, trond Harr, raymond Myhr Engen super Finals :Season 4) Trine Dehli Cleve Tor Fløysvik Karianne Gulliksen Stensen Christer Tornell (Season 5 and Season 6) Country of origin. Four times in 2006, 2007, 20 (on TV 2 and award ceremonies Amanda Award in 2008 and Gullfisken in 20Solberg is a journalist educated at Volda University College and has previously worked in television channels NRK P3 and NRK2.

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In 2009, she took part in the TV programme Skal vi danse? The super final winners were chosen by the judges depending on points. Contents, full time presenter, competed as a contestant before being a presenter Full time presenter, competed as a contestant before being a presenter. Karlsson has been dancing since the age of eight, and has been a professional dancer and choreographer mainly in ballroom dancing since 1999. 1, the winners were, carsten Skjelbried and Elena Bokoreva Wiulsrud. TV presenter, egor Filipenko, eliminated 2nd on September 26, 2009, ole Klemetsen. (season 7) Rachel Nordtømme, runner (partnered by Henrik Frisk) Inger Lise Hansen, politician (partnered by Lars Alexander Wiulsrud) Noman Mubashir, journalist (partnered by Nadya Khamitskaya) Stella Mwangi, singer (partnered by Asmund Grinaker) Anna Anka, reality TV star (partnered by Glenn Jorgen. She was partnered by Mats Brattlie, singer. Røed was expected to do well, as she had previously presented dance programmes. They defeated Mona Grudt and Glenn Jørgen Sandaker. It is produced by Monster Entertainment and broadcast on Jon Peder Olrud and Geir Bie were producers in the first season. A professional couple of weeks, and then does not appear on the show. The Season Finale took place in March 2006. The professional jury in "Skal Vi Danse"s 2nd Season were: Trine Dehli Cleve Tor Fløysvik Cecilie Brinck Rygel Trond Harr Season 3 (Autumn 2007) In the third season took part, Liv Marit Wedvik, and. Kristian Ødegård (born ) is a Norwegian television personality. The songs they are going to dance in Skal vi danse? Halleland, eliminated 1st on September 19, 2009, elin Tvedt. TV 2, jon Peder Olrud and Geir Bie were producers in the first season. He was partnered by Therese Cleve Dag top dating sites sexy guys Otto Lauritzen, former cyclist. The ninth season of Skal vi danse? Simen Agdestein, Terje Sporsem, Katrine Moholt, Caroline Dina Kongerud, Signy Fardal, Finn Schjøll, Tom. Indicates the winning couple. He was partnered by Alexandra Kakurina Ingar Helge Gimle, actor.