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in Europe edit Austria edit Military bands of Austria are for the most part similar to the German musical format, although some military bands lack a Corps of Drums, which is the most notable part of the German format. In the mid 19th century each smaller unit had their own fifer and drummer, who sounded the daily routine. Following the development of instruments such as the keyed trumpet or the saxhorn family of brass instruments, a second tradition of the brass and woodwind military band was formed. 75 East Germany 's official band service was the Military Music Service of the National People's Army ( Nationale Volksarmee organized into the same ensembles as in the Bundeswehr, as well as added ensembles based on Soviet influence. The military bands in the KPA and police bands in the kpisf are led by a Conductor or Director of Music, with a Drum Major joining him or her to mark the pace of the bands,. These bands serve the Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Canadian Air Force.

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Taiwan also has a great military drum and bugle corps tradition as well with a few military drum and bugle corps in active service, with their formations not quite similar to the American corps. British style brass bands have the same positioning as the British Army brass bands as they are composed of only brass instruments, saxhorns and percussion. Bernhard Henrik Crusell, who was a musician in the and an internationally known Swedish instrumentalist, is known as the "Father of Finnish military music" and has "Crusell's March named in his honor. Prior to the expansion of China's Qing Dynasty into what is now Mongolia, traditional Mongol Empire -era instrumentation was used in bands for hundreds of years. The Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS had maintained a considerable amound of military bands in its ranks. The Gardemusik Wien at the 34th Austrian Brass Music Festival The first military bands in Austria were organized in 1741, with ensembles being restricted to infantry and artillery units. A military band of the Indonesian Armed Forces Similar ceremonial bands are maintained by the Indonesian National Police. 16 Bolivia edit In Bolivia, the use of the Turkish crescent with the addition of vertical banners and standards is standard practice in its military bands (only the Bolivian Navy fields bagpipers and fanfare trumpeters in its bands. The band wears uniforms worn by Argentine gunners during the Argentina-Brazil War and later conflicts, with pith helmets as headdress. A Drum and Bugle Corps is also maintianed in the Naval High School of the Turkish Navy. Passionate Rough Fucking with Hot Amateur Couple.

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These bands were modeled after the German military bands, with the addition of the chromatic fanfare trumpet. In 1992, Lieutenant Khasan Nazarov took control of the band, rebranding it to reflect the new name of the school. Today, the Japan Self-Defense Force sports a moderate number of military bands within all its service branches (The Ground, Maritime and Air Self-Defense Forces) which carry on a long heritage of Japanese military music beginning in the 1880s. In addition to the three service branches' centralized bands, the jsdf also maintains several regimental and divisional bands, including the Eastern Army Band, the Central Army Band, 1st Division Band, and the 2nd Division Band. Another notable band of the Argentinian Army is the Mounted Band of the 4th Armoured Cavalry Regiment "General Lavalle's Cuirassiers". From the American Revolutionary War onward military bands and field musicians playing drums, fifes and bugles marched in the same manner as their French counterparts. The Tambor de Tacuari Band is the " Regiment of Patricians 's regimental band. On top of this, the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan pioneered a specific tradition with military bands, having a different march step and repertoire.