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er olivia benson og elliot stabler dating

was the one that caught on with the English fandom RoChu (Russia/China NiChu (Japan/China Niwan (Japan/Taiwan). In west Africa, Senegal and the Gambia used to form the Senegambia Confederation between 19The African nation of Tanzania's name is supposed to be a portmanteau. Squinoa isn't so bad, but Squistis? Video Games edit Final Fantasy fandom has plenty of these, especially Final Fantasy VII, divided into such diverse things as Clerith/Cleris/Clorith (Cloud and Aeris/Aerith Cloti/Clifa (Cloud/Tifa, often violently at war with the former Yuffietine/Yuffentine (the somewhat implausible Vincent/Yuffie AeriSeph. Kurt Coblaine has recently when? Brings a whole new meaning to Belarus wanting her brother to become one with her, doesn't it? From Rurouni Kenshin, most famously KenKao for Kenshin and Kaoru.

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There's also Chelise, for Cho and his (hardly seen) girlfriend Elise. Less common pairings are Waldsen (Serena Van Der Woodsen /Blair Waldorf Dair (Dan/Blair and Nair/Blate (Nate/Blair). KlarolineKlaus/Caroline As of Season Three, Klefan.k.a Klaus/Stefan. As of the release of the Defictionalization of Rick Castle's novel Heat Wave, the Slash pairing of detectives Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito is sometimes referred to as "Roach after the nickname given their fictional counterparts "Raley" and "Ochoa". If English is used, it will be Edgewright, which is used even when Phoenix tops. It is, of course, pronounced "Oh noes. Ay-man fandom uses LaviYuu (Lavi/Kanda Yullen (Allen/Kanda KanLina (Kanda/Lenalee) and sometimes Laven (Lavi/Allen). Examples include SportaSteph for Sportacus/Stephanie, and SportaRobbie for Sportacus/Robbie. Behold the dawn of Zeethiggs in Girl Genius.

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Advance Wars : Flak/Lash as "Flash". Neither term is widely used. Jules and Sam from Flashpoint are known as "Jam". And it is a shame, as "Heron" is a much better name than the one mentioned above, "Romione". That's not even one-fourth of all the portmanteau couple names in this fandom, mind you. There are such things as Davybeth, Beckabeth, Norribeth (which in a way is canon Dirty Jack (Jack/his Jar of Dirt), Dalypso (Davy Jones/Calypso Speckett (Jack/Beckett Turrowton (Jack/Will/James Meckett (Mercer/Beckett and Gillington (Norrington/Lt. In an episode of Jericho, Stanley and Mimi actually have a discussion over what their couple name should. And that's not even all the people Ahsoka's been paired with. Percy Jackson and The Olympians has quite a lot. The product was a joint venture of Matsumura Fishworks and Tamaribuchi Heavy Manufacturing Concern.