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"Nancy really is a lot stronger than anyone gives her credit for said Mary Scotvold, who, along with her husband, Evy, coaches Kerrigan. It gave the Games a slim chance to become something besides the Tonya-and-Nancy story. Take, for example, the popular notion that had Harding, as her stepfather James Golden said, been blessed with Kerrigan's beauty "she'd have been on top a long time ago and stayed there." In fact, Harding was once on top. This fall Harding missed a flight to Norway and a chance to train at the Olympic rink. (And who, if she had not turned pro, would be favored to repeat this year.) Tonya has tended to combine her training with her carousing. Prosecutors last week said they expected to take no action until after the Olympics, removing at least one possible barrier to the thing she has said she wants most of all: an Olympic gold medal. She took third in Orlando, finishing behind Kerrigan for the first time. At the Albertville Olympics, her practices were as painful to watch as they presumably were to perform. Her advisers ended her long silence with several high-profile TV appearances; Chung reported Harding's pious, and never-before expressed, desire to apply some of her earnings "to set up a trust for Special Olympics children." (Rumors of a 250,000 deal to appear. When Connie Chung, in a recent interview persisted with questions about Harding, Michael stepped in and ended the session midquestion. Blue pill MEN - Old Man Duke Gets His Dick Wet With Young Escort Naomi Alice. escorte in poland lillehammer escort

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Of course, in the wake of Detroit, myths abound about Nancy as well. Harding, evincing the indomitable spirit her fans admire so, fought back on three fronts: legal, public relations and cosmetic. It was Harding, not Kerrigan, who landed the national ad contracts with Texaco, the.S. In 1993 she didn't win a medal when Kerrigan won her first national title. With Kerrigan a heavy favorite, the pressure on Harding would have been far more intense. But until she was attacked in Detroit, she was inevitably described in press reports as possessing a "fragile psyche." in the last month she has demonstrated anything but. On Saturday, just before the opening ceremonies in Lillehammer, about 1,000 reporters and photographers showed up for her opening press conference. Moran said that Kerrigan's camp had not been informed of the decision in advance - announced at.m. escorte in poland lillehammer escort