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Slette venner fra facebook lillestrøm The chair is mine ). An acronym is a word or name formed as an abbreviation from the initial components of a phrase or a word, usually individual letters (as in ". Noun Verb Nouns and noun phrases English nouns are only inflected for number and possession.
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By 1943, the term acronym had been used in English to recognize abbreviations (and contractions of phrases) that were pronounced as words. The Oxford English Dictionary ( OED ) records the first printed use of the word initialism as occurring in 1899, but it did not come into general use until 1965, well after acronym had become common. Oxford English Dictionary : initialism. For example, the term Vit Cng is derived from the first syllables of "Vit Nam" (Vietnam) and "Cng sn" (communist). Exceptions using initials for numbers include " TLA " three-letter acronym/abbreviation and "GoF" Gang of Four. Vowels in unstressed syllables are shortened as well, and vowel shortening causes changes in vowel quality : vowel reduction. For the Latin plural of "pages paginae, or MSS for "manuscripts". Initialisms are purely a written convenience, being pronounced the same way as their expansions. Another active word-formation process in English is acronyms, words formed by pronouncing as a single word abbreviations of longer phrases (e.g. Mixed-case variant edit Words derived from an acronym by affixing are typically expressed in mixed case, so the root acronym is clear.

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The majority of immigrants to the United States without British ancestry rapidly adopted English after arrival. This interpretation dates from the 2nd and 3rd centuries and is preserved in the catacombs of Rome. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language, Cambridge University Press. One of the earliest examples appears in The Hacker's Dictionary as mung, which stands for "mung Until No Good". Percentage of English speakers by country. Some analyses add pronouns as a class separate from nouns, and subdivide conjunctions into subordinators and coordinators, and add the class of interjections.

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(Earlier English did not use the word "do" as a general auxiliary as Modern English does; at first it was only used in question constructions, and even then was not obligatory. The differences in the pronunciations of the letters c and g are often signalled by the following letters in standard English spelling. Marsh, David (26 November 2010). Deilige nakne damer thai escorts. This usage is less common than forms with "s" at the end, such as "MPs and may appear dated or pedantic. Escort Gorgeous Blonde Fuck In Sexy Lingerie At Hotel Room. Its grammar was similar to that of modern German, and its closest relative is Old Frisian. Most phonological differences from RP are in the vowels. Modern English, sometimes described as the first global lingua franca, is also regarded as the first world language. However, this is more precisely a combination acronym/ clipped compound, as multiple initial letters of some constituent words are used. BBQ : bee-bee-cue, for "barbecue" CQ : cee-cue for "seek you a code used by radio operators IOU : i-o-u for "I owe you" K9 : kay-nine for "canine used to designate police units utilizing dogs Abbreviations whose last. Recursive acronyms edit Main article: Recursive acronym numeros de putas peruanas acompañantes prostitutas A special type of macronym, the recursive acronym, has letters whose expansion refers back to the macronym itself. 42 As mnemonics edit Acronyms are often taught as mnemonic devices, for example in physics the colors of the visible spectrum are said to be " ROY. Finne eskorte eller massasje, jenter i Norge her. Futurity of action is expressed periphrastically with one of the auxiliary verbs will or shall. A set of initials representing a name, organization, or the like, with each letter pronounced separately, as FBI for Federal Bureau of Investigation." "acronym". Consonants Main article: English phonology Consonants Most English dialects share the same 24 consonant phonemes. Dictionaries, however, do not make this distinction because writers in general do not: "The powder metallurgy industry has officially adopted the acronym 'P/M Parts Precision Metal Molding, January 1966. Aug Escorte i trondheim / Brutal dildos Sextreff trondheim eskorte i trondheim / Jentekos bondag Kåte damer i trondheim / Villige dårlig Trondheim. And SHL Systemhouse Ltd. The medical literature has been struggling to thai massasje mjøndalen web camera sex control the proliferation of acronyms as their use has evolved from aiding communication to hindering. "PIN" stands for "personal identification number obviating the second word in " PIN number in this case its retention may be motivated to avoid ambiguity with the homophonous word "pin". Archived from the original on June 22, 2008. 54 Possessive plurals that also include apostrophes for mere pluralization and periods appear especially complex: for example, "the.