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lines. If you are unsure which emergency number to call, 112 is the central for all such rescue services and will put you in contact with the correct department. There are also automated information panels with real-time information the destination, line number and expected arrival of the next train. The minimum charge with most companies is at least 80 kr, increasing to a whopping 160 kr late at weekend nights.

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Splurge edit If price is no object, there is some very fine dining to be found. A part of the city filled with cafés, bars, small fashion and designer shops, nice parks. The local train network spans across the city limits to neighbouring cities and towns. These areas were likely to be erased from Oslo in the 1970s by eager town planners who wanted highways for cars rather than living areas for the citizens, but luckily they were stopped by idealists who really loved their city. They are not a commonly visited by tourists, and may not be mentioned by your guide book, but some of the areas have cafes/restaurants worth a visit. On domestic services Nor-Way Bussekspress is the biggest operator, with several buses to Kristiansand, Bergen, Trondheim and tons of other Norwegian destinations. All taxis accept Visa and MasterCard, and the card should be swiped in the meter at the start of the journey for card validation. Even though you should always use your eyes (and nose) in any food establishment, Norwegian Food and Health regulations are very strict and enforced effectively, so eating out in Oslo is safe. gardermoen lillestrøm russian dating sites

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Explore the archipelago of the Inner Oslofjord. Wooden houses are not allowed downtown, but these charming houses can be found in large numbers in villa suburbs such as Bygdøy and Holmenkollen, or former workers' areas such as Rodeløkka, Kampen, Vålerenga, Damstredet, Hellerud or Telthusbakken. Student discounts for 30-day tickets are also available, but only if you are studying in Oslo or Akerhus area. South, comprising the east bank of the Oslo fjord and the islands, also the southern outskirts of the city is for outdoor fans. Always negotiate price in advance. Petite Asian teen meets random guy on dating site for sex.

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Oslo is the demographic, economic and political centre of Norway. Geography edit The wide forest/hills, Marka, begins imidiatly at the built up area. 59.91810.6936 7 Denmark, Olav Kyrres gate. Bus lines cover the rest of the city, as well as several ring lines. Film festival presenting movies from Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America. There are no checks getting on to T-banes, trams or buses, but if you choose to ride ticketless look out for inspectors as random spot checks are common and being caught without a valid ticket leads to an automatic fine of at least 750. In the adjacent streets the City Hall, Nobel peace centre (previous West station Ministries (government buildings the Supreme court, and major museums. Explore the Oslo forest ( Marka ).