Real tantric massage www tantra massage

real tantric massage www tantra massage

with their legs straight Sit on your knees on partners lap. When they touch and play with you, call out what youre enjoying and ask them to continue. Awakening of your dormant kundalini energy, enabling it to move upwards. Snuggle close together, with your heart and stomachs aligned. Tantra is a holistic practice. Hand on heart To do this with a partner: Sit cross-legged, facing your partner. G-spot orgasm and squirt. Amateur couple prostate milking with a vibrator.

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Slow down your strokes. After all, the word itself derived from the ancient Sanskrit means web or to weave energy. Because of the stimulation of erotic energy in the body we are connected to our natural sensual core. Play some soft, sensual music. Sit in front of your partner. On the next exhale, count two. Any position can be a tantric position, as tantra is about connection and not specific movements. Remember to Breathe deeply and slowly.

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The stimulating breath This technique can help raise energy and increase awareness. When comfortable, begin to arch your back slowly. Pick a smell that makes you feel sexy, but isnt overwhelming. Close your eyes, and tune into their hearts physical rhythm. Let the tingling, orgasmic sensations fill your body, then start again. Touch yourself or your partner slowly. Some people find that spending 10 to 15 minutes in meditation can help prepare your mind for tantra practice, as it allows you to go inward and examine your thoughts.